Your own wedding is a unique experience, which you will gladly and often recall. Keep this very special day in your life in a high-quality photo book for the wedding, the memories are always ready to hand.

Like the occasion itself, your wedding photo album should be as perfect as possible: Take a long time to design your photo book and do not think about the price. Do not choose the most economical photo-book variant, but the one that suits you best!

Here we have compiled a few tips for you to take into consideration when creating your wedding photo book.

Wedding photo shoot – Who shoots the photos?

Normally, the wedding couple does not shoot the photos themselves at his wedding. Either a professional photographer is hired or a friend or a relative is asked to take pictures at the wedding.

A professional photographer guarantees excellent picture quality thanks to excellent photo equipment and work experience. However, photographing friends have the advantage of knowing the wedding couple and the family. So you often have a better feel for the right photo view. Besides, most people do not feel the same way by their acquaintances, which makes the photos more natural.

If you can not decide, there is also the possibility to hire a professional photographer and ask a friend. In this case, the two of them should in any case disagree, so that they do not get in the way.

Please also clarify to the photographer beforehand, in which situations you are particularly interested in the photos.
The photo album for the wedding – outline

For a wedding photo album, a chronological order of the event is available. Represent the entire wedding day from beginning to end: from the couple’s annulment to the wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremony and the journey to the wedding carriages.

Of course, you can also begin with the wedding application, then the wedding dresses and try them out, and also bachelor parties, wedding and honeymoon in the photo book. This assumes, of course, that you have good quality photos of all the events. A photo book in chronological order is of course not obligatory. An arrangement is also conceivable in which people are sorted out: first, the bride and groom is presented in detail, then the grooms and the closest relatives with or without the bride and groom, and so on until the end of the group photo The photo book closes.